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Three Trees

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This is a study on restoration and love and for those who desire to go deeper with God. This masterclass is an in-depth look at a well-known Biblical story that is often interpreted through a lens of law rather than grace. Cain is traditionally understood to have made a mistake he cannot come back from. Because of this, we have learned, from the early chapters of the Bible, to judge a person by their behavior rather than see a person for who they are. I want to bring a greater story of God's love that can be seen throughout the rest of the Bible and also today. Each session unpacks some of the key teachings within the Bible about love, grace, shame, failure, etc., and provides an opportunity to look at this story and your life differently. So often, these teachings get generalized in our churches, and through this course, I want to help you unpack them in the context of your own story and find restoration and healing right where you are. Session 1 - Why Three Trees (The great love story the Father meets us all in). Session 2 - Back to the Design (How God made you is how He sees you). Session 3 - The Problem of Pain (When pain, suffering, and mistakes meet us along the way). Session 4 - Restoration is not a theory (Taking the lessons of restoration and making them tangible). Session 5 - The Dead Tree & the Seed (A study on hope and grace). Session 6 - Interview with the Artist (Jessie DeCorsey). Session 7 - Interview with the Songwriter (Susana Taumoepeau).

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