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Three Trees is fulfilling a dream that seems to be getting bigger for me. It follows my first book Eden's Blueprint, where the dream was born and became a reality. But long before the birth, was a question: could I be a writer?

It is a strange thought to have when English was a subject I loathed and was not very good at. But the dream stayed a dream until I decided to step out beyond where I had been before. I asked myself if I believed I had a message in me I wanted to express. That led me to another question: did I believe in the message enough to write about it?



Matt Beckenham is an author, speaker, and teacher whose desire is to help people discover their identity and design. His work stretches out beyond the four walls of the church and is an invitation to explore the narrative of how a relationship with God moves and unfolds in our daily lives


New release

This book is trailblazing; Matt is tapping into the world of parables

that allows us to grab a hold of long-held beliefs and experience the love of God in such a way we are not the same again. These moments with the Designer will transform you and leave you wanting more.


Jessie DeCorsey


Out Now!

Three Trees by Matt Beckenham

Matt's brand-new book is a fictional tale based on Adam & Eve's exit from Eden. Come with the family as they create a life, and discover all they have created to be. 

"Three Trees by Matt Beckenham is not just a book—it is a profound encounter with Love Himself. It is said that a book has true impact when the reader has to put it down numerous times just to process the depths of what was just read. Three Trees was just that for us! Matt’s use of creative license, in obvious partnership with the Holy Spirit, has produced an allegory that we believe will have a weighty impact on anyone who reads it. The depiction of the Fall, the seeing Eagle and his friend Wisdom, as well as the story of Cain and Abel, gives precious insight into the heart of the Father and His great mercy and grace for His beloved creation. It drives the reader to long for greater depths of friendship with our great “Designer.” This book is a tool to bring awakening to the vast expanses of His love and His heartbeat."
Carston &  Man
dy Woodhouse



This book is a deep dive into Matt's story, his experiences, and the bible. He uses all of these aspects to help you understand a relationship with God is what you were made for. 

"My friend Matt Beckenham’s book Eden’s Blueprint is a deep well of encounter with the love of God. As you read its pages you will be saturated in God’s heart for you as His son, His daughter to live in deep relationship with Jesus, free from shame, living in deeper depths of freedom, deeply awakened to your identity in Christ and burning with the revelation of His ferocious love towards you. This book is a blazing trumpet, heralding an invitation into a deeper revelation of our original design. A deeper place of intimacy with our Beloved and His words of love and truth are awaiting you in this beautiful book."

Lana Vawser

Eden's Blueprint
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