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G R E A T E R  T H I N G S 



Matt & Trish  Beckenham are the co-founders of Greater Things International. Matt is widely known for his work in the prophetic and helping people to hear and understand the ways God speaks. His love for the kingdom and his passion to empower have led to a ministry of mentoring leaders and people across denominations. Trish is an Australian Registered Counsellor in private practice.  Matt and Trish are committed to seeing the people of God, understand their identity and walk in the fullness of who they were created to be.

about us

Matt & Trish

Greater Things is all about helping you discover your unique design and exploring how it flows into your purpose. To know that you have a design is to then recognise that you have a designer. We believe the designer is God who created us in The Garden of Eden.

Our goal is to help you discover how uniquely valuable you are and the purpose you have been designed for. This is not another religious program. It’s about faith and discovery of how you have been positioned for greater things that happen between our drive to survive and our longing to connect. Each of us are valuable with identity and purpose. Once you discover this, you will find that you have an anchored place of confidence and freedom to do life and relationships from. It’s about loving God, loving yourself and loving others.

This is where the Greater Things happen.


Meet The Team


Matt Beckenham


Teacher, Speaker, Author, Blogger


Trish Beckenham


Teacher, Speaker, Registered Counselor


Jade Schultz

Facilitator, Speaker, Mentor


Jessie DeCorsey

Teacher, Speaker, Artist, Author, Blogger


Frances Kreamer

Finance Officer

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