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I M M A N U E L  P R A Y E R 


 With Jessie DeCorsey 

4-week course

1  two hour online session per week on zoom 

In this four week course, you will learn all that you need to know to be able to start your Immanuel Prayer journey.  What is Immanuel Prayer? It is a well-known method of prayer that is used to sharpen our awareness of a very present God.  Immanuel means God with us and we are engaging with Him and tuning into His heart through moments of interactive gratitude and more.  


This is a place we can discover more of who we are and who God is.  Often in these encounters with Jesus, inner healing flows.  

Each session will have a time of teaching and focus on leading, and receiving Immanuel so that you will be equipped to bring this into your community.


No pre-requisites are required. 


Sydney - JUNE 15th - JULY 6th 

Saturday: 9 AM

USA - JUNE 14th - JULY 5th 

Friday: 6 PM (CDT)

Course cost $280 AUD.

International price equivalent will be calculated and adjusted according to current exchange rates at the time of payment. 


Thanks for registering to our course. See you there!


Jessie DeCorsey

Jessie is a Bible teacher, Christian artist, author and mentor who desires to see people grow in their identity and confidence in Christ. Coming from a biblically illiterate background - her love of scripture was born from a deep hunger to understand more of the complex concepts of both the Old and New Testament.


After receiving an MA from Luther Seminary, she continually pursues opportunities to come alongside others and communities to find freedom to explore biblical topics and themes and how to be present with a very present God. Jessie began training in the Immanuel Lifestyle Approach in 2019 and is passionate about leading others into their own unique Immanuel experiences.  

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