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P R O P H E T I C   P R O C E S S I N G 


With Jade Schultz

4-week course

1 x 2.5 hour online class per week 

In-person with Jade Schultz

Prophetic Processing is a way to take a deep look at the prophetic words you have received. Prophetic words are full of heaven’s language.


God is speaking identity, strategies, direction, love, authority, and other Kingdom keys to you through prophetic words. In community we will help you test, decode and steward promises for your own life.


Come learn how to decipher these beautiful words and encouragements.

Sydney - JULY 20th 

Saturday: 9:00 AM 

USA - JULY 19th 

Friday: 6 PM  (CDT)

Course cost $350 AUD.

International price equivalent will be calculated and adjusted according to current exchange rates at the time of payment. 

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Thanks for registering to our course. See you there!


Jade Schultz is a mentor and facilitator at Greater Things International. A graduate of Oklahoma State University & Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. She began her journey with Jesus at the age of five. Growing up in Texas at a Vineyard and Methodist church, she learned the voice of God early on.

Jade has a deep desire to see the bride of Christ walk in freedom and relationship. She believes we are all designed to hear the voice of the Lord in our own unique way. She burns for the people of God to encounter Him in their everyday lives. Her desire is for the transformation of the individual to lead to the transformation of families and nations.

Jade has experienced the fullness of what God can do in her physical body. She was listed on the liver transplant list from 2018 through 2023. In 2023, the Lord healed her liver and ended the need for a liver transplant. She believes miracles are for today!



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