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C O M M U N I T Y 

Cost: Free

Plug into our bi-weekly connection time on Zoom. Gather with people around the world as we come together through a faith-filled community.  

Welcome to Greater Things International. We are so glad you stopped by to check us out. If you are looking for a community experience to further your faith journey, this is a great place to start. We offer many FREE ways to connect to all we are doing. 

Community is a vital part of all that we do, and here, you will be able to connect with us and get to know many of the people who are a regular part of Greater Things. We believe community is not only vital for connection and friendship; we also believe it is God's design for the way people build for the future. Here, you will find people of all ages and from many different cultures and countries. 

We can't wait to see you there.  

GT Gathering: Every second Sunday 10am (Sydney),  Saturday 5pm (CDT), 11pm (UK)       


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We host a bi-weekly GT Community Gathering. This occurs every 2 weeks on a Sunday morning (Sydney) or Saturday evening (CST).  We usually have a time of worship followed by a time of connection, conversation, and teaching.

Make sure to check out the Greater Things Podcast, where Matt and special guests talk about all things life, faith, religion, etc. 


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Brooke: Living Presence

Living Presence is a must course for every single believer. I will struggle to put into one paragraph all that it has opened up for me. I battle quite often in a place of trauma and reaction, living presence helped me see why I was battling and gave me clear information to help me overcome in my reactions. My family and the people I do life with have noticed a difference in me. I have the tools to keep living in His presence daily, no hourly… I can’t recommend this course enough!

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