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F E A S T  T A B L E 

Cost: $250 (AUD) per month

This is a place to dive deep into your identity and design. Join others in our mentoring sessions and grow in your pioneering and leadership journey. 

Welcome to the Feast Table.  

At this table, you will journey with others to learn to discover the unique heart that you have been designed to pioneer with. You will discover more about your identity and the mantle you carry. We'll help you unpack many of the questions that you carry about your purpose in life. 

We also want to offer you access to our go-at-your-own-pace Masterclasses

When you register for this group, you get everything in the Cafe Table and Dinner Table.

Gathering: Second Saturday of the month

Pioneering & Leadership Teaching & Tutorials:  Once a month

Table Talk with Matt: Third Wednesday of the month

1:1 mentoring session 

Access to all Masterclasses. We currently have three full courses available with more on the way. 


Join Matt as he teaches about pioneering leadership. Using the Bible and the experiences of each person in the group, he will be building a greater understanding of leadership.


This is a Q&A session with Matt to ask questions and bring Kingdom thoughts to the table. These conversations will be full of opportunities to discover more of creativity and the revelations Matt has to share.


Each month we look forward to connecting with you in our 1:1 mentoring sessions. This can be with Matt, Trish, Jade, or Jessie. 


At the Feast table we want to give you full access to our Masterclasses. Inside each of course you will find many of our key teachings around our design.  



Join us as we gather everyone in this tier. Teachings within this time will be done according to the people in this group. 


Wedding Table Arrangement

Clare: Greater Things Community

Being part of the GT community has simulaneously stretched, drawn, challenged, shaken and deeply encouraged me. Finding a community in which honest and vulnerable conversations can happen without judgment, but rather with love, listening and honor, has been - and still is being - a catalyst for transformation.
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