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Festive Dinner Table

D I N N E R  T A B L E 

Cost: $100 (AUD) per month

Discover more about the Bible and faith and how it fits into your everyday life. Join us with monthly teachings in our core courses like Dreams, Deliverance, and more...

Welcome to the Dinner table. Grab a seat and settle into deep connections and conversations. 

Have you been looking for a place to dive into the Bible and explore scripture in community?  At Greater Things, we place high value on the Word and love to unpack it together. 


Join our monthly meetings to gain tools and training in areas of faith that will equip you to grow and live out your design. 

When you register for this group you get access to everything in the Cafe Table.

Weekly Bible Study Times: Thursday 7:30am (Sydney),  Wednesday 2:30pm (CDT), 8:30pm (UK)  


Dream Tutorial: First Wednesday of the month. 12pm & 7pm (Sydney)

Deliverance Tutorial: Last Wednesday of the month. 12pm & 7pm (Sydney)


Renewing your mind with Trish: Once a month.    


Lets dive into the Word together.  Join our weekly Bible study and meet with others who are interested in going deeper. Bring your questions and lets explore. 


Part of our course mentoring is in dream interpretation. Join Matt in this interactive experience to help you grow in your understanding of the purpose of dreams and visions. We will be interpreting your dreams.


Join Trish for an interactive exploration around growing our capacities for joy, resilience, hope, connection, love, acceptance, curiosity, and more.


Matt has over 25 years in deliverance and healing ministry. Join a monthly tutorial to learn about the authority you carry and the tools God has equipped you with. As a tutorial, there will be time given for your questions


Garden Dinner Table

Lynne: Greater Things Community

‘Greater Things is a worldwide community based on Love. A place where you belong, are seen, have a voice and grow in your love of God and yourself. An encouraging and supportive community where our uniqueness and creativity thrive.’
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