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5 weeks

1 x 2-hour online class per week 

In-person with Matt

Only 10 spaces available in each intake

This course will help you discover that you have been designed to hear & see God. Matt will lead you through 5 biblical ways God spoke to His people and continues to speak to His people.

Through hearing God through the Bible, your dreams, vision, creation, and your imagination, you will discover so much of who God has created you to be.

The next intake - 9am Tuesday, April 16 (Syd)

For the USA: April 15, 4pm (P), 6pm (C), 7pm (E)

Course cost $350 AUD.

**NOTE: Time and dates are Sydney time.

International price equivalent will be calculated and adjusted according to current exchange rates at the time of payment. 



Thanks for registering to our course. See you there!



Prophetic Mentoring class guided myself to focus on the Holy Spirit, showing me how God speaks and works through all things, at ALL times. In this guidance, I submitted to the Holy Spirit and gave permission for the authority of the Holy Spirit to work in and through me. It was a guiding that only God knew I needed in order to wake up from the chaos that I was allowing to consume my life. Upon allowing the authority of the Holy Spirit to work, He revealed so much to me that I would never have seen on my own. The Spirit of God revealed to me the true HIM, who HE is. He flooded me with His Wisdom, beyond my understanding. He flooded me with His Love, beyond my own capabilities. I have been a Christ follower my whole life, it wasn't until this process that I truly became a New Creation. I have been transformed by the Holy Spirit. I will continuously keep my mind fixed on Him, His Holy Spirit. This beautiful relationship between creator and creation. We are HIS and HE is ours, WE are ONE. 


"This class not only blessed me in connecting to some wonderful people, but also broadened my understanding of the prophetic. The understanding of the body of Christ is eye-opening; how we are all designed to be connected to one another."


It was like Christmas morning- each of us in the group opening our gifts, exploring and sharing with each other in a safe and fully accepting environment. There was no judgement and no pressure to perform. Matt helped us to see how our uniqueness played an important role in the way we hear from the Lord and release words from His heart. Matt also showed us how having nothing to say can also prophesy! I was delighted to see how God can use anything to bless us! I felt such powerful unity and love in the group, and was very grateful that it was possible for each of us to be seen and heard. It just really revealed the Father’s heart for His Body- that each of us would know that what we carry is not only wanted, but needed. It was so deeply personal, and I walked away from it feeling like my relationship with the Lord had been strengthened and renewed.


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