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The Journey to “And Suddenly,” and Beyond - Jade Schultz

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

I believe the word “suddenly” is written in the Bible 87 times. In fact, we are currently living in an “and suddenly” moment. Hebrews 10:37 “For in just a little while, the Coming One will come and not delay.” Since the ascension of Christ, we have been living in that moment, assured of His return, but not knowing the hour. Many of us have been waiting for an “and suddenly” moment, be it in healing, finance, mates, babies, dreams, etc. You have been waiting for God to break through in something. This is where part of my story begins. Autoimmune diseases have been the abnormal norm in my life for over 20 years. I have watched family members very close to me struggle and almost lose their own battle. Autoimmune, in its simplicity, is your body attacking itself. 2016 began that battle in my body. In 14 days, my healthy body turned on itself. I lost the ability to walk and move my arms. The nerves in my body died, and my muscle mass deteriorated so rapidly that I was hospitalized, fighting to live. The doctors did every test possible to determine the cause and how to combat the fallout. It took a year of IV infusions and therapy to regain the ability to move my body again. The day I took my first footstep with the aid of a walker and two physical therapists, I was so frustrated. In the hospital’s hallway, I saw the face of Jesus. He told me you walk by faith, not by sight, now walk to me. One step at a time, I walked that hallway each day.

Two years later, in 2018, I woke throwing up blood. Lots of blood. Passing in and out and bleeding out, my roommate, who was not supposed to still be home at that hour, called for the ambulance. For hours after I arrived, doctors worked to save my life. I went into hemorrhagic shock. I am forever grateful to people who donate blood. Without donations, I would not be here. After emergency surgery to stop the bleeding, I found out that my liver was not working properly. The bleeding came from burst varices in my esophagus, which happens when the blood flow to the liver is blocked. I was diagnosed with stage 4 liver failure brought on by an autoimmune disease. They put me on the liver transplant list in 2018 and told me I would need a full liver transplant. I underwent surgery to have a shunt put in my liver so that most of the blood that flows through the liver is bypassed. The liver is a unique organ that can heal itself.

However, at stage 4 liver failure, the organ can no longer heal itself. The only other option is a transplant. Every 6 months since 2018, I go see my specialist for more tests to monitor my liver. Many people have prayed for me and attached their faith to my being healed from this. To say it has been a journey might downplay it a bit. Now let’s get to “and suddenly.” On March 5, 2023, I met again with my specialist for my 6-month check-up. I did not feel any different. It was routine. On March 7th, I sat down with my specialist to go over the test results. It was in that moment that “and suddenly” smacked me in the face or perhaps the liver. My specialist, who is a believer, said we are going to recommend that you be taken off the liver transplant list. She said that my numbers have been consistent, nothing has worsened, and they believe I will live the rest of my life with the liver I was born with! She said that there is no medical reason for this, but God. A week later, I opened my mail and read the words: “The reason for your removal from the UNOS Wating List is: your condition has improved, and a transplant is not needed.”

Do I believe God healed me? ABSOLUTELY! Did it happen when and how I imagined? NOPE! I believe God is still healing today. I always have. I cannot tell you why some are healed, and others are not. Nor can I tell you how it happens. In the Bible, Jesus did not heal people the same way each time, nor did He meet them the same way each time. He is a relational God. I am not saying that my relationship with Him is any better than yours. More simply, I believe He speaks our personal language. He does not love me more than He loves you. I do not have a higher calling than you. He is as unique to us as we are to Him. Healing revivalist Randy Clark is said to have prayed for 1,000 people before he ever saw one healed. He also says that if he does not pray, then he sees no one healed. At its height, NASA estimated that 400,000 people were involved in the Apollo space program. Of that number, 12 people walked on the moon. Without those 400,000 people working together, no one would have walked on the moon. We each have our personal stories. My story does not minimize or compare to what you have been needing to have manifested in your own life. Let me assure you right now that what you are going through is personal for the Lord. It is on His heart because He wrote you on His heart. Never underestimate the power of love and prayer. Right now, where you are sitting, you are integral in someone else’s journey. Partner with God, attach your faith, believe, and don’t lose heart on the journey to “and suddenly.”


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