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Revival is within you

For year and years we've prayed prayers pleading with God to bring revival to us. We've prayed it like it's something wonderful to come, something that is beyond what we have experienced. We search history to try and find the secret to unlocking revival and then we copy or mimic what they did hoping for the same outcome. All the while we wonder what we're missing or what else we should do to make this revival happen.

Could it be that he has already placed revival within us? Could it be that we are designed to bring this revival wherever we are? Could it be that we have already been equipped to release revival? For me, the answer is a loud and profound 'Yes!' In fact, I think we have been praying for what He has already given us. Nearly 2000 years ago, on the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit was poured out on all people. Not just some people, but all people! I believe the Spirit has been poured out in fullness. I believe that we have the mind of Christ and I believe that Jesus did everything to bring us back in to complete relationship with the Father and each other. There is now nothing separating me from Him. He has revived me! So, if He's revived me, then he can do this with all people.

So how did He revive me? Well, the Bible tells me that I'm forgiven and in relationship with Him. But it was through His people that He manifested this love and revelation. People who carried HIs grace, His love, His forgiveness and power. Through those people revival flowed so powerfully and so completely.

I have discovered that my story of restoration is not unique and that God uses me to bring that same revival to others. It literally came down to, for me, would I love the person in front of me as Jesus has loved on me. Revival is here my friends. It is within you. You carry His love. This is a love that drives fear away, destroys sin and heals anyone it touches.


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