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Designed for Eden

Eden was the place we were all designed to live in.

So many of our wildlife documentaries show us the natural habitat of species of animals from all over the world. We get upset when animals are taken from their homes and forced to live in a land they were not familiar with and eat foods they were not designed to eat. So, if Eden was our place of design, why wouldn't we seek to discover our natural habitat?

It was in Eden that Adam learned to live with all of creation. God introduced him to every species and every plant. Put simply, Eden was his playground Walking with God in the cool of the evening became his lifestyle. He listened and clung to every word God said to him. He did not need to write it down, as God had placed it in his heart. This was his design and his natural habitat.

It was also in Eden that Adam discovered something he could not shake, nor find a solution for in creation. He had God to walk with, and the animals to be with, but something else was missing... something more of creation had to happen.

Adam needed an Eve

God created Eve to provide Adam with a unique relationship that would complete His creation story. Most people call that a marriage, but is it? It was definitely a relationship, which was what we were designed for in Eden.

There is a beautiful Hebrew word in Genesis 2 that is used to describe this relationship; it is the word ‘Ezer.’ It means 'vital, urgent, and powerful kind of help'. How many of us have relationships where this word can accurately be used to describe the connection we share?

This is God's design for our relationships. When we discover the relationships where 'Ezer' can be seen, we find the oneness that Genesis 2 speaks of. We also discover the love that binds us together, which is a love that the world longs to know us by.

Contrary to what we have been taught about this, ‘Ezer’ is not merely a word used for Eve, it is a word for this intimate connection used elsewhere in scripture, also. ‘Ezer’ is used 21 times in the Old Testament. Twice it is used with Eve. Three times it is used in a life-threatening situation. But the deal-breaker is... 16 times it is used to define God as a ‘vital, urgent, and powerful kind of help!’ This is a word that defines His relationship with us, as much as it defines our relationships with each other.

It was in Eden that God declared everything He made good. The Hebrew word for 'Good' means 'for the covenant with man'. This means, everything was made by Him and for us to live in a relationship with Him.

In Eden, we were designed to live in relationships that are vital, urgent, and a powerful form of help. It was there our design was revealed to operate in oneness with others, with God, and with creation. Maybe it is time to have a fresh look at our design and choose to live in our natural habitat. And maybe, just maybe, we will discover what home and rest actually looks and feels like for each of us Listen to the yearning of your heart to discover your design. You are unique, there is no one else on the planet like you. Since the day of creation, He has been calling and sharing His words with us. He will be found by all who seek Him.

If you are looking for the miraculous, the Holy Spirit, and His manifestations, then I have found no greater place than the origins of who we are designed to be. Then, you will discover the magnitude of God's love and the power of the connection He offers you.

You were designed to live in Eden.


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