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June 8 | 9am SYD

June 7 | 6pm CDT


How do we live in our original design?

Who were we created to be?

In Eden’s Blueprint, Matt introduces the idea of what it means to go back to our original design. Who were we created to be? In answering this question, Matt’s revelation of the blueprint began all the way back in Eden, walking with God in the cool of the night.

In the garden are two trees; one of life and one of knowledge. Walking In Eden, will look at the different ways we live our lives under these two trees in our relationships, our faith or beliefs and our love towards ourselves. 


In Walk With Me, Jessie takes the reader though a journey of letting go of old belief systems that operate on not being enough and walking into our identity of being fully loved.  In a world where we fear getting things wrong, failure, doubt and shame are often the things that keep us from thriving and challenge the way we love ourselves and others. 

If we can identify the tree of life in our lives, we can start to live from our design and what we were made for. Let’s discover what a community that operates in this soil looks like and what it means to walk together in Eden.  

Matt Beckenham

Author of Eden's Blueprint

Matt Beckenham is an author, speaker, and teacher whose desire is to help people discover their identity and design. His work stretches out beyond the four walls of the church and is an invitation to explore the narrative of how a relationship with God moves and unfolds in our daily lives

Matt and Trish Founded Greater Things International in Sydney, Australia and believe every person carries a story and a voice that is meant to be expressed in connection and community. This is where Greater Things happen. 

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Jessie DeCorsey

Author of Walk With Me: It's Not About Getting It Right

Jessie is a Bible teacher, Christian artist, author and mentor who desires to see people grow in their identity and confidence in Christ. Coming from a biblically illiterate background - her love of scripture was born from a deep hunger to understand more of the complex concepts of both the Old and New Testament.


After receiving an MA from Luther Seminary, she continually pursues opportunities to come alongside others and communities to find freedom to explore biblical topics and themes and how to be present with a very present God. Jessie and her husband Trevor, live in Minnesota, USA.

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Note: Times listed are in Sydney, Australia time and Central Daylight Time USA. 


8:10 AM (SYD) 

5:10 PM (CST)

9:00 AM (SYD)

6:00 PM (CDT)

Conference begins

9:10 AM (SYD) 

6:10 PM (CDT)

Session 1  with Jessie DeCorsey 

10:10 AM (SYD)

7:10 PM (CDT)

Session 2 with Matt Beckenham 

11:10 AM (SYD)

8:10 PM (CDT)

Session 3 Matt Beckenham & Jessie DeCorsey Q & A

12:00 PM (SYD)

9:00 PM (CDT)

Conference ends

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