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A Neurodiversity

Affirming Chat


Trish Beckenham

- Neurodivergent counsellor

and lover of God

When: September 15th, Friday for 1 hour

At your choice of time: 10 am or 7 pm (Sydney Time)

Where: Zoom through Greater Things International

Cost: $50 AUD

Greater Things International and Growing Hope Psychotherapy

Invite you to spend an hour with Trish Beckenham.

Discovering a positive way of understanding

Neurodiversity and the uniqueness of all of us.

Trish is a Certified Practicing Counsellor registered in Australia

who identifies as an AuDHD person and practitioner.

"There is much stigma associated with being neurodivergent.

It has opened my eyes to the need to accept ourselves. We all have struggled with this from time to time. However, there are things we have believed to be "normal" that have stuffed us all in a box. Let's rip off the lid and create our world anew. It is time to come out from under the expectations of this society and fly with the expectancy that we are fully who we were created to be."

Topics include defining terms and revealing hidden expectations, and this is just the beginning...

Trish draws on Neurodiversity Affirming Therapy through a Trauma-Informed lens and her own lived experience as an AuDHD person and lover of a Good God.


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Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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