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D R E A M S  &  V I S I O NS



5 weeks

1 x 2-hour online class per week 

In-person with Matt

Only 10 spaces available in each intake


Join Matt for an interactive experience designed to help you grow in your understanding of the purpose of dreams and visions.

It will help you to decode the messages found within dreams and the practical application of the wisdom within them.

Each session will contain teaching and tutorial time.

In the tutorials, we will be working with your dreams and putting the tools in your hands to be able to understand them.

Next intake - 11 am, Thursday, Feb 8

(Sydney time)

For the USA: Feb 7, 4 pm (P), 6 pm (C), 7 pm (E)

Course cost  $350 AUD

If you are interested in applying, please click the link below. 

**NOTE: Times and dates are Sydney time. International price equivalent will be calculated and adjusted according to current exchange rates at the time of payment.**


Thanks for registering to our course. See you there!



"The Dreams & Visions course was not only informative and encouraging but also answered a longing inside of me that I thought once wasn’t possible - to see and understand what God is doing in my life and for others."


"The dream Interpretation course was life-changing in the most strikingly beautiful way. Being a dreamer is a powerful gift and there is finally a place for dreamers to come and connect deeply with other dreamers. This course nurtures dreamers and unlocks a deeper understanding of the unscripted language of dreams in a space that is safe and gently challenging."  


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